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Must Have Hunting Ammunition for Different Animals

Hunting is not just the tactics of calling the animals or diving into a forest to shoot animals. It has more technique to it. For instance, ammunition plays a very crucial role in hunting for the right animals. You get to the wild and spot your hand, now what? You don’t want to scare the predator, nor do you want to go empty-handed. Your only option is to aim and shoot to the spot. But if you’re rifle and the bullets are not strong enough, then it’s a vain. Here is a guide to choose the right ammunition for different kinds of animals.

Ammunition for Varmits

Varmits are small animals, and hence they do not require much power to shoot them. Anything with a small-caliber round works for them, like

  • .17 HMR
  • .22 Hornet
  • .22 LR
  • .22 WMR
  • .223 Remington

The first two works well for the family of possums and raccoons with a slightyly thin skin and fur. If you’re aiming at a far off one, then the last works the best.

Ammunition for deer’s

Deer’s are of various kinds, so you’ll need the right kind of bullet to snap them. If you’re hunting a short-range one or a small-sized whitetail, then a smaller round will be sufficient like


  • .243 Winchester
  • .30-30 Winchester
  • .300 Savage

While, if you’re looking for the giant breed like Alaska or the one with long-range shots then you should size up and use

  • .25-60 Remington
  • .270 Winchester
  • .308 Winchester
  • .7MM Remington Magnum

Ammunition for Black Bears

Level Action and Traditional center fire are the two ways to hunt down black bears.  The short-range hunting ammunition is the best for the first category like

  • 30-30 Winchester
  • 444 Marlin
  • 45-70 Government

However, if you’re aiming at a medium or long shot, then these would be suffice

  • 300 Winchester Magnum
  • 7MM Remington Magnum
  • 270 Winchester
  • 30-60 Springfield

Ammunition for Elk

Elk’s are nothing but a more massive and gigantic version of the deer. Although the spectrum of cartridges are sufficient for them, a fast point round still works the best in case of the sure shot

  • 25-06 Remington
  • 270 Winchester
  • 30-60 Springfield
  • 7MM Remington Magnum
  • 300 Winchester Magnum
  • Ammunition for Magnum

Ammunition for Hogs

Hogs are a family of the wild bears and hence are typically smaller animals, but their fur and skin are thick enough to prevent them from weak bullets and arrows. Therefore, fast penetration and a medium-caliber round is well suited for then. It is recommended to avoid flat ones as they destroy too much meat. The best ones to consider are

  • .270 Winchester
  • .308 Winchester
  • .30-60 Springfield



You can notice from the above point that there are a few kinds of ammunition that are overlapped with other animals. Hence, it is clear that more than one ammunition can be used to target different animals. .270 Winchester and .30-60 Springfield can be used for various animals for the most hunters. Practice, persistence and patience is what it takes, but eventually, you can master the skills.