There are a lot of people who have written about observing animals and hunting them. I do realise that it is very easy to judge them and berate them for something that is morally unacceptable when one is in a position of proper comfort and security but I feel that we should take a step back and appreciate the bigger picture. I have written about the above in this game. There is a lot of prejudice indeed. The first thing about the program which I saw was that there is a lot of prejudice against loud and overconfident Americans who like killing animals for no reason at all. I feel that it is immoral. You shouldn’t kill an animal just treat it like a trophy in your house. You should hunt if you have a necessity for it. Hunting is illegal in a lot of countries.

Duck Swamp

I feel quite uncomfortable that a hunter has to do a little more than just be there to guarantee a shot when he is trying to shoot a duck. He has no idea about its behaviour or even its intention. It is like shooting ducks in a barrel. Hunting should be about stocking you’re free and then finally having the satisfaction of hunting it successfully. But, if you go to duck swamp and start shooting ducks, what even is the point of hunting ducks. Do you really want to kill ducks just because you want to see them explode? I feel that big game hunting is morally in ethical and unacceptable, you don’t have to take my word for it. I am talking for humanity and how inhumane it is.

I understand that a lot of people are trying to make a living out of hunting, but we don’t live in the dark ages anymore. If you need to make a living, get a job. You should not have to hunt living creatures in order to make money. I feel that you can dabble into breeding and selling. Breeding can also be illegal in some countries, you should know the rules and regulations before you continue the activity. If you really want to make money off of animals, I feel that you can start off with a farm and sell milk and eggs, instead of killing the animals for meat.

Because of hunting, millions of species of animals have gone extinct. Koalas are functionally extinct in Australia. Tigers and lions have reduced to thousands when millions of them roamed the forests and jungles. Poaching and hunting of animals for their skin and their bones is illegal and it should be. The ones who are caught doing so will be thrown into prison, because that is where they belong.


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