Hunting is something that is primal. Hunting is something that is built into our DNA. We, humans, hunted to survive. Even millions of years ago, our ancestors, even the Neanderthals, hunted to live. Yes, we did eat plants and fruits and vegetables, but a huge population of humans consumed meat to survive. We know this. It is a primal instinct which is built in the DNA of an animal, to hunt, kill and eat its prey. Nowadays, because of modern civilisation, hunting has been deemed illegal and inhumane. Modern civilisation is not the only reason why hunting has been given an illegal status. Overhunting resulted in the extinction and also endangerment of millions of species on planet Earth. Human beings are the cause of extinction of so many species on this planet. They hunted millions of species uncontrollably.


Back then, human beings used to use spears, knives, swords, other kinds of weapons to hunt and kill animals; now, humans use guns and crossbones. Hunting with guns has become a sport for a lot of individuals. A lot of people who come from extremely rich families have been raised with the habit to hunt. A lot of people who were raised in the country, have been raised with knowledge when it comes to hunting. Here are some pros and cons of hunting with guns.

It gives you a variety to your diet. Hunting with guns has been known to provide you with a variety when it comes to healthy eating. All you have to do is clean the carcass, once you have got it. You need to make sure that all of the bullet debris are taken out of the dead body before you cook it and eat it. Hunting gun bullets contain gunpowder, you should never consume gunpowder. Hunting has been proven to be a great way to get some exercise, even if you don’t kill anything, it is a great hike in the woods or even on hills and mountains. You get to learn about mother nature. It gives you survival skills. Another pro of hunting with guns, is that it gives you a good feeling because you are in charge. It also acts as proper animal control. Sometimes the population of a certain animal can go out of hand, hunting with guns solves that problem.

Hunting with guns

I would say that hunting causes animals suffering and that is the biggest corn. Sometimes, when you shoot an animal, it is in a lot of pain, and I feel that it is inhuman to do that. I feel that trophy hunting is incredibly wrong because, it is unacceptable to kill alive phone just to treat it as a trophy in your house.

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